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    Just as the world has long debated the merits of Looney Tunes vs Disney, Marvel vs DC and tomato vs tomahto, so have consumers debated the decision of glasses vs contact lenses. While the person with near or far sighted vision will do just about anything to see the individual leaves on a tree once again, the choice is far more than mere vanity. The visually challenged individual should look at other aspects of the quandary as well.


    As a fantastic alternative to wearing spectacles, there are many benefits to contacts. With a more natural view of the world, a person’s peripheral vision is intact with contacts. Furthermore, you have no obscured spots limited by the lens or the frames. All one has to do is take a look at a photograph and there’s the results of glasses: a major glare. With
    best contact lenses , there is no glare. They don’t fog up when it’s humid outside and you don’t have to worry about the rain obscuring your sight. The bottom line is contacts enhance a person’s natural looks. Furthermore, with today’s advanced brands, users can sleep in their contacts for days at the time, waking up to clear vision.


    They can look great, adding color and shape to a face that might need an interesting focal point.
    discount lenses protect the eye from the sun’s harmful UV rays or simply dust that floats around on a daily basis outside. But probably overwhelmingly the largest benefit of glasses is that they’re simply easier. You don’t have to worry about sticking a finger in your eye or losing them. You simply slide on your glasses and go about your day. Other than wiping them off occasionally with a dust free rag, there’s very little maintenance with eye glasses. But with contacts, you do have to clean them and remember to remove them on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

    Truthfully, it’s just a personal decision which one is best. They’re both easy to order after having a prescription written. Most doctors will give you a prescription for both glasses and contacts so you can have both if you like. Consumers are increasingly purchasing Contact Lenses Online as well as glasses.

    order lenses online makes it simple and affordable when you run out or simply need a new pair. Ask your eye doctor for recommendations and maybe even try on a sample pair before making a decision.